About us

Amor & Lujo is founded in late 2016 in Barcelona, by producer-director Andrea H. Catalá and producer-screenwriter Almudena Monzú. They met at a film festival in Havana back in 2008 and have shared their passion for filmmaking since then. Javier Ferreiro joins the company later, and nowadays Amor & Lujo is the combination of its three partners, from Caracas, Madrid and Galicia. Three young professionals with solid careers behind them and a long liaison with Latin America’s film industry.

Amor & Lujo provides production services for third parties, produces original branded content, supports external projects with script advising, and finally develops their own film projects. Our creative universe tilts towards gender issues, queerness, erotism, new life philosophies and their impact on identities within the frame of an hyper-connected world.