About us

Amor y Lujo is born in late 2016, the fruit of the encounter between Venezuelan director/producer Andrea H. Catalá, and Spanish screenwriter/producer Almudena Monzú. They met at a film festival in Havana back in 2008 and have been sharing their passion for filmmaking since then. They chose Barcelona as the place to start from scratch and open their own production company. Young Galician filmmaker Javier Ferreiro would later join Amor y Lujo as a creative partner.

We provide production services, and we like it. Being professionally impeccable is as much important as it is to take care of the human side of filmmaking processes. We also produce original branded content and support external projects with development advice.

But the core of our company is cinema. We currently stake all our bets in finding and promoting good stories, with a strong female leadership, inescapable international vocation, and above all, a careful and well-planned development process taylor made for each project. The artistic shape of the projects we engage in tends to be a triangle which organically connects our region with the rest of Europe and Latin America – this is due to stories that take a lot from the life experience of the authors Amor y Lujo works with.

Thanks to all the workshops, labs and industry meetings we have attended the past few years, we are in touch with a group of European professionals, and a community of international filmmakers, with whom we have established a powerful and friendly network for present and future projects.

Amor y Lujo is Spanish for Love & Luxury, and it comes from an old saying by veteran producers about a certain kind of film that would, of course, be a success.