Given the importance of the tourist industry in Cuba, the accommodation offer is wide and diverse, covering both full-service hotels and private lodgings with an option for self-catering. We have an associate local travel agency, which provides us with the best possible rates according to availability all over the Cuban country.


The casting offer on the island stands out for its diversity, since Cuba is one of the most ethnically heterogeneous countries in the world. It is relatively easy to find racially diverse profiles and people with very different looks. We work with the best casting directors on the island, and we can guarantee a large number of resources to find your main talents, secondary characters, extras… among the locals


Cuba's subtropical climate gives 300 sunny days a year, with an average temperature of 25C / 77F degrees. Therefore, shooting on the island is a real pleasure.  


Even if nowadays you can access the Internet throughout Cuba in specific places, it should be taken into account that the connection is slow while the service is quite expensive. Therefore, to manage production matters (especially if they are urgent) the phone is way more popular and reliable than emails or videoconferences. This is one of the major workflow differences in comparison with other countries.


In Cuba you can rely on highly skilled professionals in every film department. Increasing foreign shootings in the island have just improved this situation. Since we understand the workflows in the audiovisual industry of both continents, we are excellent translators for both worlds: local and foreigner. You won't have to worry about misunderstandings of any kind.


In Cuba you can find suppliers to rent any kind of cutting-edge equipments: cameras, lenses, lighting, grip, drones... It is possible and usual to import any kind of special item which might be needed as well. We offer a customs processing service, and we rely on local partners with a lot of experience in importing equipment for shootings to do so.


Buildings with architecture from the 50s almost intact, unique vintage cars, the Cuban coastline that looks identical as it did half a century ago... Cuba really has a priceless historical value impossible to find anywhere else in the world. Yet, you can also find modern places around the corner to set any kind of contemporary story.


This is a crucial matter when it comes to facing any kind of foreign production within Cuba. Our local partners have a smooth relationship with authorities, and they are used to processing all kinds of permissions. Nevertheless, it should be noted that approval schedules are longer than in other places in the world. We also process the mandatory working permits for all foreign members in the crew.


Cuba is one of the safest countries in Latin America, including both big cities and inland regions. The island can be considered safe for tourists and visitors, therefore taking care of the crew and technical equipments while shooting shouldn't be one of the major concerns of foreign production companies working on the island.