We are developing, co-producing and distributing the following cinematic projects.




  • Recipient of the Project Development Fund by Ibermedia.

  • Selected at the 15th Workshop to Develop Ibero-American Film Projects (supported by Fundación Carolina, Ibermedia, Sgae, Egeda and the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport).

  • Selected at Mediterranean Film Institute's Script 2 Film Workshop (supported by Europe Creative / MEDIA).

  • Selected at the Nipkow Programm 2018.

  • Selected at the V Cima Mentoring Program for female filmmakers.

  • Thriller / 90 min.

Culebra is a Mediterranean thriller, full of sweat, color and chiaroscuro. Under the premise of corruption being some sort of viscous fluid that keeps us all stuck to each other, it tells the story of Iria Vilaboa, a police inspector in her 40s, a female Dirty Harry, and her encounter with Venezuelan Carolina Esparta – a damaged beauty with only one eye, a former escort, and the sole witness in a homicide within a corruption plot that involves several businessmen but the police as well.



  • Co-production with Producciones de la 5ta Avenida (Cuba)

  • Queer Caribbean Vampire Drama / 90 min.

  • Recipient of the Project Development Fund by Ibermedia.

  • Selected at Cine Qua Non Lab 2019.

Abel and Julio are a marriage in crisis. Their best friend Darío invites them to Cuba as a gift for their 25th anniversary. During their stay, Julio and Abel make two parallel journeys that force them to overcome their hidden fears and desires, while they’re falling apart. Abel discovers Havana with Lester, a 40 year old prostitute who stirs up feelings that Abel had already forgotten. Meanwhile, Julio gets obsessed about flirting with boys to feel younger. He discovers Darío’s darkest secret: the practice of vampirism to feed on the blood and sexual energy of his boyfriends, in the belief that these rituals rejuvenate him.

el beso PEQUE copy.png


  • Co-produced by Trampolín Films and Amor & Lujo Studio

  • Romance / Comedy / Short Film.

  • Medina del Campo Film Festival 2018: Senior Jury Mention, Málaga Film Festival 2018: Official Short Film Competition, Nashville Film Festival 2018: Official Narrative Competition, Festival de Cine de Comedia de Tarazona y el Moncayo 2018: Official Competition, 16ème Festival du Court Métrage Méditerranéen (Tanger): Official Competition, Almeria en Corto 2018: Official Competition, 8th Arlington International Film Festival, 13th Orlando International Film Festival, among others.

The Kiss is the story of Paolo, the museum guard of Rodin’s Le Baiser. Being in the presence of that eternal kiss every day confronts Paolo with his deepest longing: to experiment romantic love. The Kiss explores the magical and mystical relationship that flourishes between the work of art and the observer.



  • Recipient of the Script Development Fund by ICAA

  • Period drama / Coming of Age / 100 min.

Madrid in the summer of 1978. After the decease of the dictator Franco, Spain has become a democratic state. People begin to touch each other, in every sense of the word. Magdalena is 16, she's just finished school, and although raised in a bourgeois environment with strong Catholic principles, something inside of her wants to find out everything about life. Her beloved brother Juan (20) cheats to avoid the still mandatory military service, and moves with his girlfriend Alodía and some other friends who are taking part in the country's first counterculture in decades. Magdalena succumbs to Juan's voluptuous, nocturnal world, built around a clandestine publishing house run by Alodía, the infamous patron of every new artist in town. A story of politics, bodies, gods and transgression seen through the irreverent eyes of contemporary counterculture.



  • Produced by Malaparte (Chile). Directed by Antonia Rossi.

  • Festival Distributor: Amor & Lujo.

  • Experimental feature. 90 min

Through illustrations and sounds, “Una vez la noche” (“Once in the Night”) experiments with the obsessive narration of four characters, who wander in the landscapes of their memories to tell us the fundamental events that marked their lives forever.

Verónica, the widow of a man who suffered a neural disease, and who has sculpted her life in several diaries she has written since she was a child. Julio, who returns in his late adulthood to live in his longed-for hometown, waiting to reencounter the images that populate his dreams. Carolina, an actress and waitress in a Mexican restaurant, must attend distressing auditions in order to advance her career, and Cristóbal, who has no other choice but to live in his father’s office, where for the first time he confronts the loneliness of the nighttime and his constant obsessions.